HOTS update 60 hours
slow and fast
the most surprising thing about a race like this
is how fast the field moves.
bob has been torching the course
and has gone all the way thru knoxville and is already at loudon.
but bob moves fast.
the tail end of the field is already past jonesborough.
by morning the last runners will be in afton.
(i will let you guess where bob will be)
but even bob does not seem to be moving so fast when you consider the distance involved.
yet day by day everyone is gobbling up the ground.
when we drove the course last fall
it was hard to believe that people can cover it on foot.
we drove all day and still had to drive a good part of a second day.
admittedly this was a slow drive
with numerous detours to go thru the old downtowns
past or over various unique features
and to take the back roads wherever possible.
but even driving 350 miles at 70 miles an hour unbroken would take 5 hours.
it might not surprise you that elite athletes could perform such a feat.
but these are not elite athletes.
(excepting bob)
these are just ordinary people.
truck drivers, accountants, physicians, computer programmers
parents and grandparents
the girl next door.
the only difference between them and everyone else…
an itch to do the extraordinary.

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