48 hours update (2)
real is too real
the third sunrise can be a time of reckoning.
this third sunrise is turning into a disaster for some.
after two days and two nights on the road
that third morning is cruxial.
only one person has reached the halfway point.
the people back around the cutoff STILL have nearly 250 miles to go.
your feet hurt.
you have not had a decent sleep in days.
even if you are not hungry
your stomach is not particularly happy about the "whatever i can find" diet.
your pack is too heavy….
all day yesterday people were stopping at post offices to mail home vital necessities that somehow seemed less necessary when they had to be carried every step of the way.
the run has become real.
for many of the runners too real!
the fig tunnel seems like a lifetime ago.
the rock is so far away
they cant even imagine it.
the white line stretches out ahead into infinity.
this is the test they came for.
it is harder than they expected.
at least 4 have bailed this morning.
they had better pray that they stopped before carl passed their location,
because this is the last run to the rock for at least a day.
76 runners are still on the road.
all of them are tired
all of them are hurting
all of them have a long, long way to go
all of them are facing the demons.
this is not an easy game.

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