HOTS update…… 228 hours
character and integrity
there are a lot of things that make an athlete great.
everyone knows that talent is important.
the willingness to do the preparation
physical toughness
mental toughness
all of these are necessary to achieve success
but none of these things mean anything
all the success in the world means nothing without a couple of other attributes….
character and integrity.
the reason i say this at this juncture
was being witness to a most impressive display of these characteristics.
just like the race itself
doing the right thing doesn’t mean anything if it is easy.
chris kane is a veteran of the last annual journey runs.
he is skilled and accomplished.
he has outstanding performances to his credit
but today might have been his finest hour…
because chris made an error early in the race.
he missed an insignificant part of the course.
it had no effect on the outcome
and no one knew….
no one except chris.
here on the rock
at the moment when most runners are celebrating their success.
chris reported this mistake.
now, he will not get a place in the finish.
i know that has to be a terrible disappointment.
but chris showed the kind of man he is..
in my eyes chris is a true champion.
his time is recorded.
he deserves it.
he did all the work.
suffered all the pain.
overcame all the challenges.
and then he did the hardest thing of all.
he gave it all away
when he did not have to.
he might not have a place.
but he has something more important…
character and integrity.
i am proud to call him my friend.
for the remaining runners on the course we are into the last 24 hours.
runners are making a final push up and down the line.
some trying to stay (or get) ahead of the grim reaper.
others starting their final assault on the rock.
after 9 and a half days the great race is almost over.

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