HOTS for the angels…
i am a little fuzzy right now.
no, to be honest i am a lot fuzzy right now.
two weeks of sleep deprivation
and craziness has my eyes barely staying open.
but before i take this long awaited uninterrupted sleep
i wanted to pass something along for the people who stepped up to help the runners in pursuit of their dreams,,,
we have, as we always do, a bunch of extra shirts.
there is nothing to be done with them now,
as they have no future use.
if you were one of the people who stepped up and supported the runners the past two weeks,
we would love to give one of them to you!
all you would have to do is send me a self addressed, postage paid mailer (and your shirt size)
i will stuff a shirt in it and mail it to you!
since the sizes and quantities are limited,
just send me a PM if you want to have one of these in your t-shirt drawer.i will respond to let you know if we have a shirt for you.

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