HOTS update 8 days

hots 2022…

redefining shitshow.

the last 3 runners under 8 days put on quite a show coming up sand mountain.

jason and scott made the turn and started up the mountain at 1 mile per hour…

they were closing fast on chris,
who was halfway up the mountain,
and moving at a sizzling half mile an hour.

god, i wish this had been broadcast:
all night long,
3 haggard, filthy figures alternately staggering to their feet,
limping 50 yards up a steep hill
then lying down on the shoulder
in a twisted version of a mad sprint to the finish.

back in the field we have runner d.
who threw away her pack because it did not fit right,
and carried only the essentials in her hands.
that night washed her clothes in the sink
and set them on fire using the microwave as a dryer.
then the next day had to dive out of the way from an aggressive driver and busted open her head open,
losing those last few essentials in the process…

she is still going.

currently there is a logjam of runners 10 miles from the finish.
there is a wide load jammed in the road,
and no one is being allowed to pass while they try to dislodge it…

of course that might not be the only blockage.
jason and scott saw someone pulling a trailer up the w road.
the switchbacks at the top barely accommodate a honda accord.

the stories you hear on the rock…

we are expecting carnage today.
the trailing end of the pack hit dunlap this morning.
now, after fighting off the grim reaper a 12 hour period at a time for 8 days
they enter the hardest 60 miles of the race.

this is madness.

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