vole stare toad race … 120 hour (halfway) update
tell these people to spread out!
after a pretty near sleepless night on the rock
it looks like a grim day today.
one is in the corn, one on the climb
and runners are spread every 3-5 miles from here to the trace.
batteries are limited for the electronics
but may have more staying power than i do.
i do not see a potential break until sometime tomorrow morning
and am already drooling on myself.
carl slep some last night so he could go and pick up a load of drops this morning
so i am manning the rock alone today.
this is the scenario that has been in my nightmares for years.
everyone that didnt quit yesterday
made it halfway in front of oprah.
but she is within 5 miles of 8 of them.
and they are about to enter the hot part of the course.
it is only supposed to reach 100 today.
if it goes higher there will be a bloodbath at the back!
runner on the rock,

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