vole stare toad race… 108 hour update
may god have mercy on the voles
i went out at noon today and did 8 miles.
this was the first time it actually hurt…
according to my weather station the "real feel" was 111.
i am not doubting it.
(even if carl told me it felt like 78 based on looking out the window from an air conditioned room)
so today’s experience probably was quite dependent on where the runner was.
the ones crossing the cumberland plateau in the afternoon were up where the air is cooler.
anyone down on the stretch from manchester to the base of the mountain…
god that had to hurt.
anyway, addison is nearing the turn up sand mountain.
weeping openly.
a grim faced iain just walked resolutely away from the clarion.
"the final push" he said.
i dont know what the status will be for the future updates.
runners are strung out from here to oprah every few miles.
i am not sure when i will next be able to leave the rock.
maybe sunday morning
while i am there the batteries will have to be used sparingly.
most of the runners around oprah have pushed a little ahead.
the others quit.
the survivors have to be past the natchez trace by the next check in.
squarely in the middle of a long and desolate stretch.
success wont be assured
but if they make the trace by morning
at least they live to fight another day.
a lot of tears were shed today.
there will be more tonight
and tomorrow
and tomorrow night

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