I’ve been trying to write a final update and farewell for a few days, but my brain’s been operating at about 8% capacity since I got home. Last night was the first time I didn’t fall asleep at 8pm with the kids…..here goes.

Where to begin?

First, thank you to all the entrants. Volstate wouldn’t be anything without the special group of crazies that show up to run. We appreciate your enthusiasm, and truly hope you found what you were looking for.

This is not a hand-holding event. We simply put you at the start and are there to record your finish. In between, all you can count on is yourself…..and a ride if you decide to quit.
I am very happy to say that you runners “get it.”
There were very few requests/demands that were outside the scope of what we say we’ll provide. You were self sufficient. Not only is this the ethos of the event, it’s also imperative for the future of the event itself. Only if the runners responsibly take care of themselves can we continue to put the Volstate out there for the ultra-community.

To the team helping during the run:
Sandra and Jan….you were both 100% lifesavers. We simply couldn’t have executed this event without you. Both of you were everywhere, at all times.
Y’all have no idea how many details Sandra takes care of. A normal human’s head would explode.
I’m sure many runners owe a portion of their finish to Jan’s encouragement and foot care.
Mike Dobies. The tracking sheet. The extra check-ins. The comprehensive website. Without these things runner safety and fan enjoyment would be nearly non-existent.
I have to mention John Price, despite being entered in the race himself his continued help behind the scenes filled in the gaps so things went smoothly.
Also this year, Simon Bonnick deserves a nod. Simon’s race ended early, but his help at The Rock throughout the week was a significant asset. Simon was there for nearly every finisher (if it were up to him he’d have missed zero!) and the truth is I don’t know how I’d have gotten it done without him.

Pam Dobbins, owner of castle rock, wanted me to say that they really enjoyed having all you runners come and enjoy their place on The Rock, and she hopes every one of you come back to run again next year. She really said that. Don’t let her down!?!

Congratulations to the 80 finishers. You really did a mighty thing.
To those who didn’t finish, take some time to evaluate, and then move on.
There is always next year, if you want to give it another try (I didn’t finish til my 3rd try!).

This was my first time directing a race, even if I have learned from one of the best. I want to say thank you to everyone for bearing with me.
There were a few situations I might treat differently in the future, and there were a few times I didn’t “say the right thing.”
I sincerely apologize for my crankiness near the end of the event. No good excuse, I was just tired.

By some miracle I haven’t received any hate mail yet, which is great….but I also haven’t received any great suggestions for changes. If something seemed off to you, and you think you had a better idea, please let me know. Even if you mentioned it to me during the race, please tell me again. I’ll pass it along to Laz. He is pretty opinionated, but he’s nothing if not open-minded.

Jacket orders went out, and estimated shipping time is mid-september, I believe.
There are a few refunds still due to those who withdrew and were replaced from the wait list. Those should go out Friday or early next week, depending on our treasurer’s schedule.
Results will be loaded on to ultrasignup within a few days.
I don’t know when sign up for next year will open, but we’ll make an effort to email past finishers a little warning. No promises!

Finally, see you next year!

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