Runners, Walkers, Crawlers, Vol Staters!

(this note has been sent directly to those who are IN, but is added here so anyone on the wait list can see it)

We are under 3 weeks to go until most of you will step off the Ferry and find yourself in a different world. A new and exciting world for some, an old faithful friend for others….but a different world than our normal existence for all.
I hope your physical and mental preparations are coming together, and you are feeling a happy mixture of excitement and dread about what is to come. Make no mistake, you are going to struggle….but that which comes out of your struggle can be a lifetime achievement. The Vol State gives everyone the opportunity to awe themselves when they realize just what a colossal task they are capable of accomplishing. It is monumental, but it is done one manageable step at a time.
The main purpose of this note is to attempt to inform everyone that
is the “official” spot for the information you need.
I recommend you bookmark that page on your computers/phones/etc.
The meeting times and places are there, right on the front page.
Note that we are standardizing on CENTRAL TIME for official race times, even though some things happen in the Eastern Time Zone.
The tracking and check-in pages will be there once the race begins.
The rules are linked directly from the front page as well.
READ THE RULES. You are responsible for understanding the rules.
Every year we have a few people who show up ignorant of the most basic rules, and it pains us that we have to correct their plans and expectations.
Also, if you are not signed up for the google group, and receiving e-mails there, you need to sign up!
This link should take you to the spot to sign up:
If you don’t have a google account you’ll have to make one, I believe.
I look forward to seeing each of you at the Ferry, and again on THE ROCK.

If you have questions, you can send them to the google group, facebook, or directly to me at
Thank you!

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