Isn’t it amazing, the crops and the creatures seem to “just know” when the time is right to start their next task. Things start slowly at first…

The butterflies all migrate within days of each other….in a given area the cherry blossoms might all bloom on the same day!

From the outside looking in, it’s a wonder that these happenings seem so coordinated.

Well, to most people in rural Tennessee, along the vol state course, it must be a similar miracle that these runners just show up all of a sudden….every July….within just a few days of each other!

Tonight was the first hint that the budding vol staters are about to go engage in their yearly metamorphosis, migration, and blossoming.

It was at the Super8 in Kimball, TN – they started appearing from the (sometimes very long) treks to this special area. Then, within a few hours, the Chinese Buffet was nearly over run by the group’s first gathering since last July.

Excitement about the event was palpable. The newbies, giddy to finally BE HERE!!
The veterans celebrating seeing old friends and preparing to set out on yet another vision quest (or trek, or race, or escape, or vacation without a car, depending on how they personally see the run).

The few local families out eating dinner together, seeing the group fill up half the restaurant, might be forgiven for being amazed at the group of crazy and special folks crowding in who seem to “just know” that this is the time for them to start this task.

up next….the bus ride to Union CIty….and the first ever congregation of more than 100 vol staters in the same place!?!?

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