The second full day on the open road was not kind to our intrepid wanderers. Burned soles (and souls) are threatening to fill up a meat wagon bus to The Rock this morning. Blisters and Pain are the main culprits. Not blisters, actually, but BLISTERS. The volstate blister, left growing too long due to light headed brain fog in the heat, can easily cover the entire ball of the foot. It’s an excruciating experience that only the most determined runner can overcome, once it takes hold.

But while a few more have cracked, so many of the runners are soldiering on!

At the front, the ladies are creeping within striking distance of Maughan.

There’s a trio of screwed runners who’ve separated themselves from the rest of the pack.

The middle of the pack is well beyond the minimum 100km for two days. They are pushing on towards The Turn in Lexington.

Even the back of the pack is maintaining their progress.

Sadly, our chance to have 100 finishers has already slipped from their grasp. I’ll leave in a few minutes to take the first long meat wagon ride to The Rock. Each minute that I keep writing this update seems to add another text requesting a ride….will the bus fill up??

God Speed, volstaters.

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