I don’t want to drop out, I’ve come so far…but, my god, I’m not sure I can write another update. My last real sleep was days ago. The finish, 8 updates ahead, seems impossibly far off. I want to finish, but I just….can’t.

I’ll do a minimum effort now and see how I feel in the morning. I must hold out hope.

Today saw great temperatures up at The Rock, I’m not sure I’ve ever spent such a comfortable day waiting for runners. I didn’t drip a single bead of sweat. Amazing.

The trio of Bonnett, Van Wolde, and Smith came in together and and wouldn’t stop telling us how wonderful the other two are. Lisa’s feet were hamburger, of the 99% lean variety. Steve managed his 4th finish, and Terry was probably our most upbeat and seemingly un-tired finisher yet.

The Seth’s came in later….Crowe with his wife/crew who regaled us with tales from the flea bag / drugged out motels along the course, while Wolpin compared this run to the hottest part of his Trasncon a few years ago, he “forgot how hot it can be.”

A couple more attempts at dropping this afternoon, Remy’s spirit is broken by blisters….but I am confident he’s going to rest up tonight and get back on the road in the morning with Geir crewing. A slight slip behind Oprah won’t be enough to knock him out. He may need advice from past finishers who’ve modified shoes to deal with debilitating blisters. HEJA SVERIGE!!!

We’re off to The Rock now for Chris Clemmons….look at that, I was broken just an hour ago, unsure I could manage even this one update, but I got on the road and now I find myself with some hope and a few more miles behind me!

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