Ha! Are you kidding me?

On the seventh day, the volstaters….didn’t even dare to dream of resting.
There are too many miles left, and too little time to cover them, at least for those still on the course.

Kim Durst completed her solid sub-6 run, as did 4 out of 5 of the others who had a shot. Jim Fleming missed it because he had to sleep on a bench in New Hope to avoid walking into the road. His eyelids were drooping in the pre-dawn.

Rob Greer completed the anti-Rhoda run, by cruising all night, and sleeping all day.
Cathy Downes and Carl Kidwell linked up for the last few miles of their first multidays.
Bo “lightning” Millwood was right behind, having spent most of the race with Kidwell.

In the pack, the exodus continues. It seems no runner is safe. Veterans John Price and Alex Morton are the latest casualties.

I am at a bit of a loss for words. Why is this year’s crop falling short of expectations? The weather has been brutal, but not more than in other years with decent finish rates…Is the large field too impersonal and the runners don’t feel they have their own team rooting them on? I don’t think so, the road angels showed the runners so much support and encouragement.
Is it the experience level? No, more than half of the drops thus far are veteran finishers. Is it all the facebooking? Yes, I am going to call it. The problem is facebook. These runners are losing hours and hours every day to social media!

The sub-6 finishers this morning were talking about how they had their phones in airplane mode except during check-in time….The runners on the road are live streaming and video posting at every turn.

I’m working on an article for Runner’s World….
“Compete like the elites… put the phone down and RUN!”

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