5 days down, 5 days to go.

The early morning saw the podium filled out
King Grant

Brian and
Alan nipped a severely struggling
To round out the sub-5 finishes.

Rich Flint pushed all day and night, but came up 19 minutes shy of a sub-5, but had the consolation of a sub-5 in a prior year.

Then JT Hardy and Doug Long finished their 160 mile companionship with stellar 5:01:xx finishes. They raced up sand mountain, and finished 2 minutes apart. Both poured sweat despite the cool morning. The two “throwns” were set back a bit.

They’d opened up a gap on salt shack, so we’ve rushed down to rest and pepare for the next wave….which is more of a tsunami. We had 6 finishers in the first 5 days, but we have 76 more to come in the next 5 days. That’s 15 runners per day….or one every hour and 36 minutes on average til Sunday morning.

It’s gonna be a whirlwind, as these tough individuals fulfill their dream of touching that Rock!

Check the tracking sheet for more, I can’t keep my eyelids open…there are so many compelling.stories out on the road right now.

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