After King Grant finished this morning, we saw a 12 hour gap to the next runners. Andrea and Rhoda appeared on a collision course between monteagle and The Rock.

Driving back through the field, we saw Andrea maintaining her lead across the plataeu between Tracy City and Jasper…but Rhoda was within 2 miles and appeared to be charging. Both crews assured me, “this is a race!”

Driving back to monteagle, we saw Regina struggling with stomach distress, and could not find Alan or Brian despite looking closely twice.

Turning around, an hour and a half later, Rhoda had surged ahead, and opened up a half mile lead starting down the mountain towards Jasper.

She would continue to expand her lead to the finish, making over 2 hours on Andrea by the end, and securing the second best female time ever. It turns out sleep deprivation may have been the culprit. Rhoda got a few hours, while Andrea scheduled a 3 hour nap, woke an hour early and left…but couldn’t maintain pace.

Both women had come into the race with goals that they far exceeded. Amazing performances. Rhoda was hoping for 6 days, and Andrea for 5 days and a top 10 finish. Clearly they both have real potential at the multidays. Rhoda waited for Andrea at the finish, and it was a joyful getting and celebration.

The rest of the field moved forward. Macks market in tiny Hampshire must have been a real sight this evening as nearly a dozen were crowded into the small market.

Another big crowd in the Richland inn in Columbia…. And several more pockets up towards monteagle.

John Price plans to make up his lost ground on Oprah tonight….and we should be hearing from Tim Hardy.

Having been up for almost 24 hours I’m hoping Alan and Brian sprint in after Regina, and Doug and JT slow a bit for a morning finish at a human hour! We are looking at a constant stream of finishers from lunch tomorrow til the 240 hour limit. Ready or not, Here they come!!

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