And that’s a wrap! Thanks for joining us for Vol State this year.
50 / 66 finished = 76%

King Francesca II – 3:10:49:40

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I’ve run by this Strolling Jim sign, that’s in front of the Walking Tree Hotel in Wartrace, Tennessee, 14x during 14 races during my life that consisted of 1,656 miles.

#RunItFast #VS500K #VolState500K #wartrace

I really enjoyed answering these questions for this Marathons of India interview. Some insight to the Vol State 500K I ran for the 4th time last week and other tidbits about my running journey.


#RunItFast #MarathonsOfIndia #VolState500K #VS500K

Now that this year's edition of "Last" #VolState500k has ended, it's like I've lost something. I'd become so accustomed to checking on those runners morning and night, the race became part of me, too.

The 2020 Last Annual Vol State #lavs500k is over. King Francesca II set a new Women’s Crewed Record, 3:10:49:40. There were 50 finishers and 16 DNFs.

The last five finishers of the 2920 #lavs500k:
Steve Meyer 9:13:5236
Diane Taylor 9:17:17:31
Richard Westbrook 9:17:17:42
Penny Lane 9:23:17:29
Sandy Cumming 9:23:18:14

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