Race is over. Tracking and Results have been updated.

(Updated 2 Sep 7:30AM CDT)

Please check Tracking Lite, All-In-One, and Finisher links below for more details!

Name / Bib – search for your name or bib number
Status – Furthest accomplishment (finish) or ahead/behind the Buzzards
(RAT / 1000mi / BAT / CAT) Status – “Done” or percentage of being done
(RAT / 1000mi / BAT / CAT) Finish – Finished in “xx days” or projected finish “mm/dd/yyyy” (Search – for example, to find those that finished yesterday, enter “31 days” )
Crossings/Forecasted – Beyond CAT, it just shows how many crossings completed and the forecasted total by the end of August. We’re tired of adding columns. 😉

Total miles include everything through the end of the last full day for ALL TIME ZONES. The partial day (colored light brown) is not included in the totals. Finishes are shown after all time zones have reported on that day.