Here you have the team rosters for the Big’s Backyard 2020. A world championship of a different colour.

We are proud to say that the 2020 Big’s will feature the greatest array of talent ever assembled to compete in the Backyard. But they will not be all in the same Backyard. In deference to the world situation, each nation will have its own Satellite event running simultaneously. Each event will be a stand-alone race, with the winner being the last man standing. The winner of the race that lasts the longest, will be the 2020 world champion. So depth of talent is the key. (Although every Backyarder knows, it only takes two). There should be some interesting dynamics at play. Every race field is not only competing among themselves, they are a team. For your team to produce a world champion, someone has to go deeper than anyone else in the world, except one… and produce a DNF. There is a saying in the Backyard: “You do not quit when you can go not further, you quit when you no longer believe you can win.” We may well see people continue on when they no longer believe they can win. Because now they will be fighting for more than a personal victory. They will be competing for a victory for their team, and their country.