The three crewed ladies all want that 2nd place spot.

Rhoda Smoker started the morning behind the other two, but across the Jasper Plateau she’s charged.
Beginning the descent to Jasper, she looked strong and she’s got a quarter mile lead over Andrea K.
Regina has been plagued by a bad stomach since last night, and has fallen back, just leaving Tracy City.

Trinkle and Abbs are big question marks….driving back thru Monteagle twice, we didn’t see either one of them. Did they call a temporary truce and go down to rest, or was it just crazy coincidence that we missed both of them being off the road? We may not know til check-in time…Will they let Long and Hardy sneak up on them?

It look like it’ll be a long night up on The Rock for the next 5 runners to trickle in.

Further back, the Meat Wagon is loading up for a trip to The Rock this evening. Jan’s magic, so effective in years past, hasn’t been able to save as many this time.

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